Toast Setup With Alice

Here is your guide to granting third-party payroll access to Alice in Toast for benefits administration. Your Toast Implementation Specialist will also need to make updates to your Toast account.

The phone number and email address provided below are for internal payroll purposes only. If you need to reach our team, please call or text us at 888-431-4355.

Step 1) Grant Payroll Administrator Access to Alice

Create a non-employee access profile for Alice in your "Team" Dashboard in Toast. For more info, follow the steps laid out by Toast in this guide.

Use the following user profile details for Alice:

  • First Name: Alice
  • Last Name: Financial
  • Username: Aliceuser
  • Email:
  • Phone: 917-336-9115
  • HR+ status
  • Leave all other details (such as pay and other demographics) at zero

Once the profile is created, navigate to Profile Settings and change the employee status to “demo" and the Security Role to "HR+"

Settings are next to the “sync to Toast” button.

Please email once this is complete.

Step 2) Email your Toast Implementation Specialist to create Deduction/Earning Codes + Custom Import Template

Per the instructions provided by Toast here for deductions and here for earnings, please use the template below to send email to


We are implementing benefits with a new third-party benefits provider, Alice. We need you to set up the 2 deduction and 2 earning codes that Alice will use to administer our benefits in Toast. 

We have filled out the Toast provided templates for setting up these 4 codes. All files can be downloaded from this drive, or each are linked below:

Please let me know when this has been completed. Thank you for your help!

Please advise once your Toast Implementation Specialist advises this is complete. We will review to ensure no additional changes are needed.

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