ADP Run Setup with Alice

Create New User for Alice Financial

The email address provided below is for internal payroll purposes only. If you need to reach our payroll team, please email

Before you begin: You must have the security role of 'Owner' to add a user.

Please note: If you are a wholesale partner with ADP Run, you may not see a Security Role of "Payroll Admin". If that is the case, we must be set up as a firm level user.

Start here: Settings > Company > Manage user access and click 'Add Users'

  1. On the Add Users page, enter the user's First Name: "Alice" and Last Name: "Financial"
  2. In the email field, enter Email: ""
  3. In the Role field, select the User’s Security Role: “Payroll Admin”
    1. This will give Alice access to input employee's confirmed spend onto each paycheck, and the ability to run reports that keep our employee records up to date with yours.
  4. Click "Save." Alice will receive an email with the link needed to register.

Please email our team at once complete, so we can be on the lookout for the registration email!

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