Paylocity Setup with Alice

Here is your guide to setting Alice Financial up as your pretax benefits administrator. We need you to set up 3rd Party Admin access (Access level: Company Administrator) for all of our entities in Paylocity, and for you to initiate our integration.

The phone number and email address provided below are for internal payroll purposes only. If you need to reach our team, please call or text us at 888-431-4355 - email the payroll team at

Step 1: Set Up Login

Please add Alice as a Non-Employee Admin on your account(s) using the information below:

  1. Navigate to Company Set > User Access > User Accounts > Add Non-Employee.
  2. Select Add Non-Employee
  3. Verify the Enabled checkbox contains a checkmark. The Enabled checkbox allows users access to HR & Payroll
  4. Select the user's Security Group as "COMPANY ADMINISTRATOR" from the dropdown menu.
  5. Enable Primary Contact
  6. Enter the User Id. Once saved, the User ID cannot be modified
  7. Enter the user's Last Name: Financial and First Name: Alice
  8. Enter the Work Phone: 917-336-9115
  9. Enter the Email:
  10. Under Notifications - Email Preferences, select Work Email
  11. Enter the User Name
  12. Company Administrators have access to complete the following:
    • The Force User to Change Password on Login and Change Password boxes activate, requiring users to change the temporary password after logging in to HR & Payroll.
    • Enter a temporary password.
    • Enter the password a second time in the Confirm Password field.

Please email with your Company ID along with the User ID and Temporary Password that you set up for us once this is complete.

Step 2: Set Up Integration

Integrate with Alice via Paylocity

  • Integrations occur at the individual company level. Please note, this cannot be done at the Company Set level.
  • Company Set users must log into a single company in the Company Set to request integrations for the Company Set.
  1. Log in to HR & Payroll and select either "Marketplace" or "Web Link" (this will depend on when you were onboarded at Paylocity.)
    1. If you selected "Web Link," Select > Web Services > Integrations > Browse Marketplace, then continue to step 2
    2. If you selected "Marketplace" continue to step 2
  2. Use the Search field to locate and select "Alice" to view information about our integration. Please note the pricing for this integration is $0.00 for setup and $0.00 per month
    1. Search for Alice in the Paylocity Marketplace
    2. No fees to integrate with Alice
  3. Select Begin Integration in the upper right-hand corner to access, complete, and sign the Paylocity Automated Data Exchange (PADE) Form. 
    1. If it is necessary to include other IDs in a Company Set, then include these IDs and the Company ID in the Briefly Describe Your Request fields within the PADE Form. Either list all applicable IDs or state to include all IDs within the Company Set. ExampleAll IDs within CS12345
  4. Upon completion, the integration or partner tile will show a message stating: This integration has been requested and is in progress.

Please email once you have completed and signed the Integration request form. We will then work with Paylocity directly to have your integration finalized.

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