ADP WFN Setup with Alice

Here is your guide to granting third-party payroll access to Alice in ADP WFN for benefits administration.

The phone number and email address provided below are for internal payroll purposes only. If you need to reach our team, please call or text us at 888-431-4355.

Step 1 - Set up new user account for Alice in ADP Workforce Now

  1. Create Admin Account
    1. Setup> Security > Security Management

    2. People > Manage Users

      Click the green + sign to add a new user

      1. First Name: Alice
      2. Last Name: Financial
      3. Email Addresses (Work):
      4. Phone Number (Work Mobile): 917-336-9115
      5. Select “No” for “Create Access by Replicating Access and Profiles of Admin Users”

Step 2 - Grant Needed Access

Alice needs access to view Payroll Cycles and Schedules, Import Batch Pay Data, Build & Run Roster Reports, Audit Reports, and View Employee Pay Stubs in order to perform individual audits if the need arises.

Click the checkbox for all of the following:

  • Pay Statement Administration
  • Payroll/Quarterly Tax Reports (user)
  • Custom Reports
  • Select Full Access to ADP Workforce Now
  • Click Submit!

Nice work! You’re finished with creating a user profile for Alice!

Please email once this is complete.

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