Alliance Setup with Alice

The phone number and email address provided below are for internal payroll purposes only. If you need to reach our team, please call or text us at 888-431-4355, email us at

Please add the following person to our payroll as an authorized contact with Administrator permissions.

Ensure our account has Authorized Administrator permissions so they can:

  • Create deductions and reimbursements
  • Make updates to payroll
  • View Reports

Step 1: Alice’s Account Details

First name: Alice

Last name: Financial


Phone: 917-336-9115

Step 2: Setup API access for Alice’s Account

  • Please ensure that API access has been enabled:

  • Generate an API token for the Alice Account:

  • Provide Alice with the username, password, and API token associated with the account.

Please email our team at once complete, so we can verify access.

Step 3: Build Alice’s Deduction and Earning Codes

Please follow the setup instructions to add Alice’s deduction and non-taxable addition codes to our Alliance account(s).

The Specs of the Pre-Tax Deductions

  • Mass Transit
    • Code: ALPT1
    • Description: Alice Pretax transit
    • Short Description: AliceTrans
    • Type: 125
    • W2 Field: 14A (S125)
  • Parking
    • Code: ALPT2
    • Description: Alice Pretax parking
    • Short Description: AlicePark
    • Type: 125
    • W2 Field: 14A (S125)

The Specs of the Post-Tax Additions

  • Mass Transit
    • Code: ALRE1
    • Description: Alice Transit Addition
    • Short Description: TransAdd
    • Type: Add to Net Pay
  • Parking
    • Code: ALRE2
    • Description: Alice Parking Addition
    • Short Description: ParkAdd
    • Type: Add to Net Pay

Please email our team at once complete, so we can verify set up the API on our side and verify permissions are correct.

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