Paycom Setup with Alice

Integration with Alice begins with preparing your payroll system. Here, we will guide you through granting access to Alice for benefits administration. This is a one-time setup process and takes minutes to complete.

Before you begin: You must be a Paycom "User Administrator" to add a user.

Add Alice as a user in Paycom

  1. Log into Paycom as a User Administrator
  2. Go to User Options and select User Access and Security
  3. Select Modify Users and then Add New Users
    1. Username: Aliceuser
    2. Temporary Password: Aliceuser1!
    3. Access Group: ALLDEPTS
    4. Permission Profile: Full Access - Paycom Default
    5. First Name: Alice
    6. Last Name: Financial
    7. Email Address:
    8. Click “Add”

Please email our team at with your company code and confirming the username and temporary password assigned to our account once complete, so we can verify our access and begin integration!

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