Connecting Your Preferred Account for Billing

All Alice employer accounts require banking and billing connections.

Alice will automatically debit your connected account or card for Alice Service Fees.  You can choose the Billing Source, and update this in your Admin Dashboard if there are any errors. If you receive a notice indicating a debit for your Alice Invoice failed, please review the billing information on file in your Admin Dashboard and reach out if you need any assistance updating this.

You can use the same account for both employee contributions and Alice billing, though you will need to enter the information in both places if you choose to do so.  Each payroll location or business unit will need a valid Billing and Bank account connected unless you have opted for unified billing/banking.

Payroll bank account — Checking account that paychecks are drawn from.  Alice withdraws employee contributions via ACH for Alice Card spending each pay period, in place of on-payroll reimbursements.

Billing source — Checking account or credit card for Alice's Cost of Services each pay period.

Please visit your Alice Admin Dashboard to connect your preferred billing account(s) to Alice if it is not already connected - or to edit the account on file.

If you have multiple payroll locations or business units under your organization, you'll see these listed on your Home Dashboard.  Click on one to see details for just that location.  Return back to the Home dashboard by choosing "Alice Admin" in the upper left corner. 

Click Account to:

  • Add an admin for one specific location (reach out to us to add an organization admin for all locations)
  • Add or edit your billing method
  • Add or review the Payroll Bank Account connected to Alice

You can add or edit your Billing method at any time.  Adding a credit card is the quickest process!

When you add a checking account for billing, you will need to verify ownership of the account (and therefore agree to the terms of automatic ACH withdrawals for billing) by logging into the account via Plaid.  If you do not have access to this information, or your bank does not allow this option, we'll need to set this up with you on a secure call. 

Please reach out to our team if you're having trouble adding a bank account.  We'll be able to verify the account with a micro-deposit process and provide you with our ACH Whitelisting instructions. 

TIP:  If you have multiple locations but would like to use the same billing account for all locations, Support can set up a one-time entry for all locations with universal billing. Just let us know!

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