What do I need to get my company set up with Alice?

To get started with Alice, you’ll need to reach out to our Sales Team so we can make our partnership official! Contact Alice Sales & Onboarding Team at sales@thisisalice.com

After signing your agreement with Alice, the fun really starts!

Alice’s implementation has two parts:

Setting up your company

Enrolling your employees

Setting Up Your Company with Alice

You can be set up with Alice in less than an hour’s working time!

  • Provide Alice with information about your company and payroll set up
  • Connect Alice to your payroll system
  • Access your Alice administrator dashboard
  • Set up billing (credit card or ACH) for Alice Service Fees
  • Add your payroll bank account for Employee Contributions related to Alice Card (ACH)

After all the steps are complete, we re-confirm the date for Alice's launch (when employees will get an enrollment invitation from Alice)! Don't worry, we'll send you all the tools and resources you need. Webinars are available upon request.

Enrolling your Employees

It's a good idea to announce Alice to your team in advance of the launch! Let your team know that Alice will email them directly to sign up. We will send you an email template you can use!

You can also post Alice fliers in your break rooms and add Alice’s enrollment material to your new hire onboarding & HRIS systems.

Fun Fact: Pretax Spending on Commuting & Parking doesn’t require an open enrollment period.

When employees enroll in these benefits, they will begin their savings immediately!

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