How much does Alice cost?

Alice is FREE for employees!

Alice is always free for employees. Employees connect their accounts to Alice, spend on their personal cards, confirm their eligible expenses, and see these in their paychecks as pretax deductions and postax reimbursements.

Employees can also use Alice Card without any fees. Alice covers the expense like a credit card without any fee. Employees pay this back with a pretax deduction in their paycheck. They only contribute what they actually spend - no fee, all the savings!

Employees use Alice to help save on income taxes for eligible expenses, right in their paycheck.

Alice is Cost-Neutral for employers!

Employers who offer pretax spending can expect to save approximately 8% of every dollar spent pretax by their employees. Social Security, Medicare, local taxes, and unemployment premiums are all lowered with Alice. When employees have pretax deductions, employers don't pay tax on those wages. Alice calculates the employer's expected tax savings, and this is our service fee, making Alice free to offer your employees!


Alice will automatically bill your company a few days after any payday where your business saved money on payroll taxes.

Your employees spend money, Alice confirms it, and payroll deductions run. On payday, Alice will figure out what your business saved (based on your employee's pretax deductions), and this is the amount we bill.

Billing info can be credit card or ACH from your bank account. You can update this info from your Account page on your company's dashboard.


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