How much does Alice cost?

Alice is FREE for employees!

Alice is always free for employees. Employees may connect as many of thier credit and debit cards to Alice as they like and get Alice Card at no cost to them.

Employees use Alice using Alice see up to 20% cash back on eligible parking and transit spending, right in their paychecks. Pretax deductions are tax-free income!

Alice is Cost-Neutral for employers!

Employers receive a payroll tax savings from the government when their employees use thier pretax benefits. Thats because employers don't pay certain federal, state, local taxes, unemployment premiums, or FICA taxes on the amount of their employees' pretax deductions. Alice charges that payroll tax savings as its only fee.

When employees have pretax deductions, employers don't pay tax on those wages. Alice calculates the employer's expected tax savings, and this is our service fee, making Alice free to offer your employees!


Alice will automatically calculate your bill a few days after any payday when we can confirm the amount of pretax deductions that ran in payroll for your business. We multiply that by the statutory payroll tax rates relevant to your employees' locations and that is the amount we bill.

Alice doesn't cost your business anything out-of-pocket! And, your employees keep more of what you pay them!

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