How do my employees learn about Alice?

Your journey with Alice starts with a call with an Alice Onboarding Specialist. After that, you're ready to announce Alice to your employees. Here's what you need to know:

How do I announce Alice to my team?

We'll send you an Alice Announcement Template that you can email to your employees. It will also include Alice Enrollment information that will walk them through signing up.

Ok, I announced Alice. What happens next?

  • We will email all active W2 employees steps on how to enroll, FAQs, and our Alice Support Desk contact info.
  • Your employees who have not enrolled with receive enrollment reminders

How do my new hires learn about Alice?

We update our rosters based on employee information in your payroll platform. When you add a new hire to payroll with a valid email address, we'll send them an invite to enroll with Alice!

When can new hires enroll?

All W2 employees are eligible for Alice on their first day of work! Employees will need to enroll directly with Alice before they can start to save.

I can't find the enrollment link for our employees that I received.

No problem! Reach out to support to let us know, and we'll be happy to resend the info!

What about re-hires?

Rehires are the same as new hires! 

My employee wants to opt out of Alice benefits. What should they do?

If an employee would like to opt-out, they can contact Alice directly.  They might still receive important compliance updates that relate to Alice benefits, but we'll stop sending them info to enroll or connect cards. We'll also deactivate any Alice Cards they may have already received.

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