What is Alice?

Alice automates pretax spending. These benefits have been around for a while, but they've always been burdensome to use. Using technology like texting, Alice is able to help make pretax benefits easy for everyone to use.

Alice is a Pretax benefit offered by employers to help employees save income taxes on their commute to and from work - right in their paychecks!

We handle benefits with no need to contribute in advance!

With Alice, you connect the debit and credit cards that are already in your wallet or use our Alice Card (or both!). After that, you spend as usual. Alice will look for any potentially eligible purchases you make.

You'll get a text when Alice sees you have an expense that could be eligible for pretax spending. After you reply to the text, you're done! Alice updates payroll and helps you save right in your paycheck!

Why is Alice better than traditional providers?

No need to plan for upcoming expenses, remember to use a special card, or memorize the list of what's eligible. After enrolling, if there is a way for you to save money, Alice will help you find it!

Alice works in the background, making pretax spending easier than any other benefits you’ve ever used. We know that sounds pretty boastful, but we really believe in what we do and are dedicated to putting more money into people's paychecks!

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