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Review common questions in the Alice Help Center:

You can create a support request from the chat icon!

  1. Click the chat icon on the bottom of your screen
  2. Search our knowledge base!
  3. If you still need a Support Agent, after searching, you'll have the option to reach out! If you're logged in, we'll be better able to identify your account - this is the best option!
  4. You can also email us at

Reach our team via chat, when available, or send an email request when we're not available for an instant chat. Please include as much info as possible, so we can help resolve the question with our first reply!

You can text Alice Support, or call our toll-free number and leave a voicemail.

We'll review it and reach back out as soon as possible.

When leaving a voicemail, please leave a detailed message so we can research and call back with an update for you!

Text or Voicemail: Toll-Free +1 (888) 431-4355

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