Should I use my card as credit or debit? What's my PIN?

Alice cards should be run as credit cards--no need for a PIN! Just swipe and you're good to go.

However, certain terminals might automatically run your Alice card as a debit card and require a PIN. Whenever that happens, you can:

Bypass the PIN request by hitting the “Continue” button on the checkout terminal. For most terminals, this is a green button that says “ENTER”, “OK” or “O”

  • If a zip code is requested, please use the zip code on file with Alice (the mailing address you provided).
    • See "Billing Address" listed on your Alice Card page in the dashboard to verify.
  • Tap to pay - there's no need for a pin when you tap Alice Card!
  • Enter a PIN if you have set one for your card

If you would like to set or change the PIN of your Alice card:

Log into your Alice dashboard

Choose "Alice Card" to view your card information.

View your Physical Alice Card, and request a PIN reset here! (You can also report your card as missing - lost or stolen - and we'll deactivate it):

At the bottom of the page, update your PIN number!

For security purposes, please do not email or text us your PIN.

Reminder: You cannot use Alice card to receive cash back at merchants or ATMs - Alice Card is your commuter benefits card available for eligible purchases related to your commute to and from work and purchases are subject to the IRS rules for eligible commuting expenses.

Purchases made will be deducted from an upcoming paycheck, pretax, to ensure you can save!

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