What expenses are commuter-eligible?

Mass Transit and Parking are eligible expenses to exclude from income taxes in your paycheck when they're necessary for your commute to and from work.  Unfortunately, the IRS says that gas and tolls like E-ZPass (as well as Uber, Lyft, and other Taxi services) are not eligible.  

Mass transit:

Eligible expenses include any pass, token, fare card, or voucher for getting to and from work. Alice works for:

  • Subway
  • Bus
  • Ferry
  • Streetcar
  • Light rail
  • Train

We are still working on Vanpool (coming soon)


Eligible parking expenses are for parking your vehicle near your place of work. It can also be for expenses for parking at a location used to commute to work, such as a train station parking lot. Alice works for:

  • Meters
  • Garages
  • Lots
  • Parking Apps

What is NOT eligible?

  • Highway tolls & bridge tolls (EZ Pass, iPass)
  • Fuel/gasoline (gas) expenses
  • Personal transportation or parking expenses not related to getting to/from work
  • Expenses for traveling between work and business meetings
  • Transportation or parking expenses for spouses and dependents
  • Airline flights
  • Bicycle expenses, including bike-sharing expenses
  • Scooter sharing expenses
  • Taxi services, Uber, Lyft

*Our team is still working on ride-share benefits with Uber and Lyft. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as this becomes available!

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