Where can I use Alice Card?

Use Alice Card to get up to 20% cash back on transit and parking, right in your paychecks. 

How to Use Alice Card

• Log into your Alice account to see your Alice Card.

• Add Alice Card to Apple Pay or Google Pay, or order to your home. 

• Set Alice Card to Express Transit option in Apple Pay, or as default card in Google Pay

• Tap Alice Card or your phone when paying for transit or parking! 

Spending on Transit:

• Train

• Bus

• Subway

• Ferry

• Van Pooling

• Transit System apps like OMNY, NJTransit, LIRR, & BART 

Spending on Parking:

• Parking lots

• Parking meters

• Parking garages

• Parking apps

The government chips in! That's how you save:

• Before Alice, when you paid for transit or parking, 100% of what you paid was your money.

• When you pay for transit or parking with Alice Card, the government chips in! About 80% of what you pay is from your money. The government pays the rest. 

• For example, if you've been spending $100 a month on parking, with Alice Card, you'll spend $80. The government pays for the remaining $20!

• Your take home pay will have an extra $20 in it! 

• Here's the paycheck math. On your paystub, you'll see a $100 pre-tax deduction. That covers the $100 you've spent on parking with Alice Card. Assume for example that your payroll and income tax rate is 20%. Normally, when you make $100 you the government takes its $20. Instead, because you've spent $100 pretax, you get to send that $20 to your parking lot. You get to spend the government's money on yourself! (as long as you spend it on eligible parking and transit to get to work!) 

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