How does the commuter benefit work?

Alice commuter benefit is Spend-As-You-Go. Once your debit/credit cards are connected to Alice, you can pay for mass transit and parking as you normally do.

  • After you swipe your card for a purchase, your bank will tell Alice about it, usually within 3-4 business days.
  • Alice finds your potentially eligible expense and sends you a text message to confirm if it was a personal expense related to your commute to and from work.
  • When you respond with yes, Alice updates your employer's payroll so your next paycheck has lower taxes.
  • Alice texts you on payday and will remind you how much you saved.

Why didn't Alice text me on payday?

Depending on where you work, your text message confirmation may occur after your employer's payroll deadline for the next paycheck. You will get a payday text on your next payday.

Why don't I see my savings on my pay stub?

The math isn’t spelled out on your pay stub, so it can seem confusing. You will see two notes about Alice on each paycheck: 

  • A pretax deduction for the amount of money you spend on commuting
  • A post-tax addition (often labeled as reimbursement or earning) for the amount of money you spend on commuting when you confirm expenses made on your personal card.

Both should be the same numbers--one positive, one negative when you pay with your personal cards connected to Alice.

What if I pay with Alice Card? I only see a deduction.

When you pay with Alice Card, there's no reimbursement (post-tax addition) needed.  You receive this at the time you swipe your card.  Alice covers your expenses upfront. You pay this back with a pretax deduction in your paycheck. You get to spend pretax dollars without committing to a specific amount each paycheck!

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