How do I add a card?

You can add multiple debit or credit cards to Alice.  Connect a card to Alice to save on the expenses you're already paying for.  Add your Bank account, or OMNY account, with these steps!

From your Alice dashboard, click on the option in the menu to connect an account, or view your current Bank account info. dashboard

You can also scroll to the bottom of the page to link an account:

Choose to link your OMNY account (in NYC), your bank, or search for your bank. Follow the instructions on the screen to allow Alice to find your eligible transactions.  You can add as many accounts to Alice as you want! We're working on adding metro card options in other major cities too!

What if I have a joint account or other users connected to one bank account?

For your security, we will never ask for your debit card or credit card numbers. If you see a transaction that is not meant for pretax spending or is for someone else's expense, reply "No". Alice is offered by your employer for your personal expenses related to your commute to and from work.

Alice doesn't have any insight into whether transactions made at your bank were made by you or someone else. We don't ask for or receive this type of detailed information from your bank. You can continue to use the joint account and just mark your eligible commuting expenses "yes" while marking anything else "no".

Alternately, you may wish to look into a different account to separate your pretax-eligible expenses from others.

How do I disconnect an account from Alice?

To remove an account (card) from Alice, click on "Bank account connected" in your main dashboard. 

On the next screen, click the account you'd like to disconnect to view more details and disconnect your account. 

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