How do employees enroll?

Your employees will receive an invitation to enroll with Alice via email.  We update rosters approximately every two weeks and invite new hires by sending an email to the address in your payroll. 

The default enrollment link for any employee whose email is already added to Alice is:

Feel free to share this QR Code with your team!

You can also send your unique enrollment link to your team so they can learn about Alice. We recommend adding this to your New Hire Paperwork as well!

Admins, please reach out to our team if you need the unique enrollment link for your payroll locations. We're happy to help!

The general enrollment information is also available to download:

    • Save with Alice in English and Spanish - A general flyer explaining what Alice is, and how it helps employees save on their commute to and from work
    • Enroll with Alice in English and Spanish - Updated with QR code (6/26/23)! The link provided will ask employees to enter their email addresses.  They will not be able to enroll if we haven't yet synced new hires in payroll with Alice.  Please reach out if they are encountering a "can't find email" error and we'll provide you with a unique link you can provide to your employees to enroll right away!

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