Why are you asking for my bank login?

Your info is safe with Alice. We will never ask for your bank account or card numbers. The only thing you will do is log in with your online banking system using our banking partner. This enables Alice to find your transaction information with security and ease. Alice never has access to your login information.

Why Can't I give you my debit or credit card number instead?

Alice isn't going to charge you any money. Connecting with your username and password through our banking partner is more secure. This allows an encrypted one-way view of your transactions. This doesn't allow Alice to send or receive money to/from your account. This just allows us the ability to find your eligible transactions for you.

Please don't send Alice your credit or debit card numbers! Alice will never ask you for your credit card or debit card numbers. There is no charge for using Alice - Alice is always free for you to use.

What if I have a debit card and a credit card at the same bank?

That's great, it means you'll only need to connect once. Alice connects to all your debit and/or credit cards within your bank account. It also means you don't have to update anything in Alice when you receive new cards.

What if I have a joint account or many users connected to one bank account?

For your security, we will never ask for your debit card or credit card numbers. We connect through your bank account to find your possibly eligible expenses. If you receive a text from us on charges that are not pretax spending for your commute to and from work, you should reply "No". Only your personal commuting expenses related to getting to and from work are eligible, so you shouldn't confirm any purchases made for someone else's commute.

What if I change my bank account username or password?

If you change your bank login info, we'll notify you to reconnect. Don't worry, this is a very common and safe practice for your security.

Why are you telling me to reconnect my account? Why does it keep disconnecting?

Your bank or credit card may ask you to verify that you still want to stay connected to Alice. This is a very common security measure that keeps your accounts safe. Some banks need this more often than others, depending on their security requirements. If it seems to be happening too often, we suggest you reach out to your bank to ask about ways to allow third-party connections to last longer without requiring re-authentication.

If you have any other questions or run into any issues, please let us know. We're happy to help!

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