Why did my card or account disconnect?

When you add a card or bank account to Alice, our partners, including MasterCard and Plaid, provide us with a one-way window to your spending information.  Depending on your bank's settings, the connection may disconnect from time to time for security or other reasons.

We know this can be annoying, especially if your bank disconnects more than once or twice a year.  Disconnections and the need to reconnect are related to your bank's security policies and are out of Alice's control.

Some banks prefer to disconnect once in a while. It is a security setting your bank uses to request you re-enter your password to verify you'd still like to allow Alice to find your transactions and save money on your transit and parking spending.

The easiest thing to do is to reconnect.

You may be able to update your third-party connection settings when you log into your bank account online (or your bank's app).  You can also reach out to your bank directly to see if there are other settings you can choose to allow our partners, MasterCard and Plaid, to remain connected. 

It's super easy to reconnect, just log in here and follow the prompts to reconnect your account.

Once you do that, Alice will be able to continue saving you money when you spend on parking and transit, right in your paycheck!  Don't worry, we'll add in any transactions that were missed while we were unable to connect to your account. 

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