I lost my Alice card. What do I do?

If you lost your physical Alice Card or someone stole your card, please let us know ASAP!  You can do this right in your dashboard!

To report Alice Card Missing:

  • Log into your Alice Dashboard at app.thisisalice.com 
  • Enter the section related to Alice Cards
  • Choose "Report Missing" from the Alice Card information screen to report the card as lost/stolen
  • We'll deactivate the lost card to ensure there's no fraudulent use.

If you'd like us to handle this for you, no problem!  

Reach out to Alice Support to let us know that you've lost your physical Alice Card.

We’ll deactivate your lost card right away.

If you lose your phone and have added Alice Instant Card to your mobile wallet, please let us know so we can deactivate your Instant Card.

When it comes to safety and security, Alice is here to help.

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