My purchase was declined. What do I do?

If your purchase is declined on Alice Card, you'll receive a text message telling you why. Common reasons for declines include exceeding your available balance or trying to spend at a place that isn't meant for commuting expenses.

If Alice Card is declined due to a purchase at an ineligible location, but you think we got that wrong, please reach out to let us know. We'll be happy to look into it further!

Didn't receive a text with a reason for the decline? This typically means Alice Card was denied for use by the vendor and you'll need to reach out to them directly. See this link for information about errors at the MTA with no text from Alice: Alice Card was not accepted at the MTA

Received a message: Your Alice Card purchase was declined due to missing deductions in your paycheck

When you use Alice Card, those funds will come out of your paycheck pretax.  Alice Card works like a credit card - but there are never any fees and all of the income tax savings in your paycheck! 

  • When we are not able to deduct your expenses, Alice Card is temporarily disabled.

Deductions could be delayed due to you not having a paycheck high enough to cover your recent purchases or an error with your employer's payroll.  Don't worry!  Our team is aware and working to correct the trouble.  We want to ensure your deduction runs so you can save the income taxes on the purchase amount!

  • If this error continues over a period of time, you can always reach out to request information on the status of your deductions and Alice Card.  We'll be happy to help!

Received a message regarding no balance available: Once you have reached the limit for each category on Alice Card, Personal Card, or a combination you won't be able to spend more on Alice Card until the next month. Check out this article for more details.

Other Alice Card Errors

If you're seeing another error with your card, please let us know what the error / issue is that you're experiencing.  We're happy to look into this further.

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